Nature's Gift

Looking at the snow from our patio, my son Dustin stood in admiration.  "It's like a gift when it snows here." he stated, and I tend to agree.  At this very moment I smile as I watch the birds, the dogs happily playing, and the children joining in with smiles and laughter.  My son, Justin (twin) was walking and playing with our fur-babes in the snow last night and stated that he felt like a kid again!  Yes......snow is a rare delight in our area.  The last time that it snowed was January 2011

 This is the view from my window as I awakened. My camera isn't the greatest, and I couldn't fully capture what I saw, but you get the idea.  ;-)

What a beauty to behold!  Seeing this immediately made me want to create art!  I feel like drawing or carving today.  Hmmmm.......which will it be?  Before starting one of the projects, I wasn't going to miss a photo moment. 

As I bask in the marvelous blessings that I see, I'm thankful to Jehovah for all that he has created, and feel deeply grateful.


Charlene N.K. said…
I'm happy for you that you got this beautiful gift this year. Yes, things like these inspire us to be creative.
Nice post and pictures!