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My Carving Kit
Some artists have the joy of owning a studio. Well.....I have the "joy" portion, and improvise when it comes to the studio. (smile)  When living in a small home, you work out ways to create space.  Here is the storage room that I use to keep my art supplies.  The shelves are a huge help in utilizing space.  I create art throughout our home.  No room is safe! *laughs*  If I need the work surface of a floor, or the bathroom counters and sink (photo-emulsions, etc), its getting used.   Art desks and supplies are set up in different rooms.  This month, I am working on screen printing, so I'll be creating art in the kitchen.  When doing artwork such as mosaics, I have a drafting table and two library bookcases in a screened in patio area for storing more supplies.  Sometimes, I enjoy creating art at the park.  For that, I stuff supplies in my rolling tote, and off I go!!!  No matter the size of your living quarters or lack of studio space.....if there is a will for both creativity and an art-play area, there is a way.

Here is where I do some of my creating. The pizza boxes to the top right are used to store my hand carved stamps.  I kept a few of the boxes for carving "back in the day" when my sons and I enjoyed our share of eating pizza. *smile*  Since then, we have made a lot of healthy changes.  Will decorate the boxes one of these days. I'm in no rush.  :-)