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Nature Collecting

Racoon skull, fox skull, armadillo and tortoise shell. I haven't had the opportunity to post recent events here lately because my plate has been full (in a good way). Finally got a chance to upload photos of fun adventures during Dendrology class, my birdwatching trip to Tybee Island with Augusta-Aiken Audubon , and more! Photos of those events are posted here: Grateful Naturalist Photo Gallery The photos within this post are examples of how I study. I am thankful to my sweet nature pals that lovingly understand me and keep their eyes open.....helping m e to spot out and collect cool nature finds.   Labeling nature finds and creating flashcards of scientific names for our weekly "study list" assignments. Nature collection that I am in the process of labeling. They also don't get grossed out by my bag of bones and skulls. Guess I'm sort of a Morticia Addams. (laughs!)   Students enjoy it when I share these cool finds and research

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