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Nature Collecting

I haven't had the opportunity to post recent events here lately because my plate has been full (in a good way). Finally got a chance to upload photos of fun adventures during Dendrology class, my birdwatching trip to Tybee Island with Augusta-Aiken Audubon, and more!

Photos of those events are posted here: Grateful Naturalist Photo Gallery

The photos within this post are examples of how I study. I am thankful to my sweet nature pals that lovingly understand me and keep their eyes open.....helping me to spot out and collect cool nature finds.

They also don't get grossed out by my bag of bones and skulls. Guess I'm sort of a Morticia Addams. (laughs!)  Students enjoy it when I share these cool finds and research information with them.

In an older post, I shared my love of leaf pressing and ways of doing it. (See Preserving leaves and flowers.)  I am thrilled to find this large press at a thrift shop for only $4.00. (Can also be used for bookbinding and papermaki…

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