Colonial Times Event

Sharing the memory of an exciting event that I attended this year with my students and naturalist pal, Laquita Logan!  Finally having the time to blog about it. In North Augusta, South Carolina (USA), members of the Living History Park hosted a Colonial Times event!  I was thrilled upon hearing the news because it worked in harmony with our studies at my music studio.  Some of my students were practicing the solo "Long, Long, Ago" by Thomas Haynes Bayly. To connect with the piece, they were assigned historical and composer research while practicing. Here is an example of their assignment -  Suzuki Solo Studies: Long, Long Ago.

The photo left is one of the books students were assigned to read.  After their study and research, they saw a bit of history coming to life while attending the Colonial Times event!  They had the opportunity to enjoy historical reenactments, various dances, delicious food and wonderful musical performances.

To see photos of this event, please visit my photo gallery: Colonial Times!

 Below are a few videos of instrumental performances!

Balafon instrument

 Glass harp. 

 Dulcimer instrument