Enjoying The Snow!

I couldn't believe that it snowed in our area!  Naturally, kids were out of school.  It is amazing how my darling sons who are homeschooled and do not have to travel to school like other children, felt they should equally have the day off. *giggles*  I guess, who could blame them.  They wanted to go outside and enjoy the snow.  Even my dogs had a blast running and playing in it.  When it was time to come in, the babe of the group, Jasmine, sat at the glass sliding doors staring outside and whining like a baby because she didn't want to stop playing to come inside.  Reminded me of the reaction of children after their play on the playground or at McDonalds play area.  They never want it to end. As a last ditch effort, Jasmine pretended that she had to go potty.....whining and prancing in place like it was a matter of urgency. Unbelievable!

Fur-kids running wild and having a ball!


PeggyR said…
Glad you are enjoying the snow! We have more on the way!