Nature Journaling

Getting ready for my hiking and nature journaling adventure! In the photo are books that I am presently reading! I'm having a ball studying "Keeping a Nature Journal" by Clare Walker Leslie and co-author Charles E. Roth. (front-right in photo above)  On October 12th, I will be hosting a group study of the book with my online group, Artists of the Round Table.  For additional help with field sketching, I will including "The Sierra Club Guide to Sketching in Nature" by Cathy Johnson, and Illustrating Nature Right-brain Art in a Left-brain World by Irene Brady in my personal studies. (not pictured)

Baby stepping and doing a little each day. God took time within his busy schedule to beautifully create.....and I will be making time in my schedule to appreciate it. (((((Thank you Jehovah.)))))