's easy as 123?

We're moving along to lesson 6 in the "Carve, Stamp, Play" workshop at Artists of the Round Table.  I "LOVE all of the alphabet carvings that have been uploaded!!!  Take a look at what has been uploaded so far!  

Members there are making the workshop, and learning in general so much fun!  :-)  I'm still moving along.  Not able to carve and upload as quickly as I would like, because I have been staying with my mom at the hospital.  She had to have surgery, and thankfully all went well.  I took my carving kit and was carving while there.  She is home now and recovering beautifully!  While staying with her,  I am plugging along with my carvings. (photo above)  Wouldn't you know that I'd pick a curly-q, doily infested alphabet style that has ended up being quite the challenge.*woof!*  I love how they are turning out, but...... oh, my GOODNESS!!  Carving these alphabets are a major pill! *laughs!*  Feels like it is going to take forever to complete them.  I suppose good things come to the patient at heart.  This exercise will definitely heighten my skills, self-control, and tolerance.

Patiently moving forward!