Carving Play Time!

Assignment 1 - Carve a heart

So happy to be carving again!  I signed up for a workshop that is taking place at my online group, Artists of the Round Table.  The book being studied is Carve, Stamp, Play by Julies Fei-Fan Balzer. Posting about it  brings to mind the fun day I had when ordering this book. As soon as we discussed having the workshop, I decided to head off to my favorite store, Barnes and Nobles.  It was my "Mom's day out"!  The mall was crowded.....yet, I still managed to have a ball!  Spent as much time as I wanted enjoying the books at B&N, and later decided to live on the wild side and order fast food.......a Chick-Fil-A salad. *laugh!* (cheese removed to keep down the battle of the lactose intolerant sniffles)!    

I was so excited when my book arrived, and now the workshop has begun!   Each week assignments are given with the pages to read and projects to do and upload.  It is being hosted by a very loving and talented woman named Janice Bryant.  We all affectionately call her by her Yahoo ID name....Rubber Rabbit!

Each week, I will share with pals here how I'm coming along.  The top photo in this post is my carving of our first assignment.  Can't believe that I get to play, thanks to the fact that I am teaching piano and my studio is growing!  I stay busy, and at the same time.....I am able to balance.  It is so sweet being able to have a relaxing outlet!