Friday's Fabulous Find

One man's trash is another man's treasure! I love yard sales, flea markets, and any second hand store that I can step foot in! I especially delight in finding goodies in these places to create art! Found this zen smorgasbord for little of nothing. There were a few empty squares, so I simply cleaned it up, added shells, fresh candles, and engraved stones - "faith", "vision". I enjoy candles and aromatherapy when creating art, reading, and practicing the piano. Will be working on carving art for an upcoming workshop hosted by the lovely Janice Asplet Bryant! This lady is the QUEEN of carving! The book that we will be using is Carve Stamp Play by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

The workshop will take place at my online art group, Artists of the Round Table.  So happy to have the book and that I get to play!!! This nature candle set-up topped with creative relaxing music will definitely be used for that! For the workshop, I will also be using my hand-dandy carving kit. Found the case for $1 at a yard sale. 

With this, I have my supplies organized for carving when away from home.