Living My Passion!

Performing two Italian Operas - Se tu m'ami by Alessandro Parisotti and Tu Lo Sai by Giuseppe Torelli
Performing Italian Operas -  Se tu m'ami by Alessandro Parisotti
 and Tu Lo Sai by Giuseppe Torelli

There stands the possibility that I have worked far too many years putting "plan B" above pursuing my passion.  Music, and the use of it as a tool to teach and nurture children, has long been apart of my love and very being.  In my fear of being the starving artist, I mistakenly made it a side kick occupation instead of fully cultivating the passion in terms of a career.  I'm getting wiser, "younger", and tired of putting my love on the back-burner.  This lady is moving forward!  I am back into performing and teaching!  Each week, I enjoy seeing my students.......finding out if anything new and exciting is happening in their lives, and working together in raising our abilities......both teacher and student.

The things you are passionate about are not random.  
They are your calling.
~Fabienne Frederickson

In continuing my education as a performing artist, I am grateful to my loving parents who made this possible and continues to encourage me, and to my teacher/friend, Lynda Shevitz for keeping me on my toes and helping me to increase my abilities as a performer and an instructor.  I am also deeply thankful for those who train me through teacher research groups, workshops, and masterclasses ....... Pamela Smith, Robin Blankenship (2 beautiful ladies that changed my life and tripled my playing abilities through their teacher apprenticeship program), Karen Hagberg, Bruce Boiney, Bruce Anderson.  I've just received a scholarship from the Atlanta Area Suzuki Piano Association to attend a Japanese Suzuki Basics Workshop taught by master teachers from the Suzuki Institute in Matsumoto, Japan.  What a TREAT this will be!!! During that week, one of my students, Mariah Hightower, has been chosen to perform in the Friendship Concert at Spivey Hall. Talk about a PROUD teacher!!! *Doing a happy dance!*

In July, she and I will be attending a 5 Piano and Chamber Workshop in Arkansas.  Participants will perform in a concert after the master class.  This is to prepare her for her goal of participating in the masterclass and 10 piano concert in Matsumoto Japan in 2015.

Photo after my piano performance of Hopak by Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky
Photo after my piano performance of Hopak
 by Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky

Other activities that students will be involved in are the festival hosted by the Augusta Music Teacher's Association at Augusta Regents University, masterclasses and concert in Louisville, KY, and a concert that I will be hosting locally for my students.  We have a fun and adventurous year ahead of us, and I'm looking forward to every minute of it!   

I am living, performing, and teaching with passion!


Charlene said…
Wow, very impressive! What awesome opportunies you've got! I'm glad you're now living your passion. Wishing you the best!