Organization in the Lifestyle - Decor Mix

"If you look at your entire house as one unit of junk,
you'll never do anything because the job is too overwhelming.
Take it one drawer at a time."

~Janet Luhrs

Reorganizing my dresser drawers today, meanwhile thinking how much organization to the point of neat-freakism can be both a blessing.....and a curse. *Laughs*  Daily organization upkeep can be challenging.  You're getting dressed, got'ta run.....yet, feel the impulse to put things back where they belong, topped with a brief wipe down of bathroom counters, etc.  Despite that, I find true joy in seeing things organized.  Cleaning and organizing relaxes me.  Helps me plan and sort things out in life.

Utilizing Space at top of closet
Since I think in terms of a  home being functional (with a balance of form) and serving the needs of my family, it is quite the appeal to see drawers, cabinets, closets -the home in general- to a lovely degree of order.  I'm able to find things efficiently and know what we have or need. Without order, I seriously cannot function.  The organization within my home and work area is like an extension of my thinking.  If an area is in disarray, my thinking is somewhat scattered. Maybe I'm partly related to Monk.

Sons/children and fur-babes have a way of mellowing or balancing a person -- especially 3 nature loving young men who like  outdoor adventures, and adore everything from rats, to bugs and snakes.  Though, I still need a degree of order to function, I'm not the extremist. Some days, anything goes.*smile*

My Kid-at-heart bedroom.  Love things peaceful, simple, and natural.  Yes......I do adore Mickey and Minnie!  They bring out my inner kid, and always give me the biggest smile. I am an avid Mickey & Minnie collector....PJ's/clothing, jewelry, handbags, glasses, plates, cooking tools and utensils, clocks.  You name it! 

Keeping the decor and atmosphere peaceful and cozy so that my sons and fur-babes will feel relaxed. I love the therapy oil smell goods, light the Himalayan lamps and candles each day, and play healing music.

I have always been a live and let live sort of person. My preference for organization does not trickle over to imposing upon others.  It's more of an individual taste, especially when it comes to de-cluttering and finding ways to create space in a small, humble living area.  When my pals come to visit, they kick back.... knowing full well that they are not in company with "Mommy Dearest" over dirt, spills, or the possibility of mishaps if their children (or pets) accompany them for a visit.  All par for the course from a single parent mom of 3 that has been there. There is nothing that I could possibly own that is more important than my friends, and their comfort in being with me.  Even If I were rich, material things are refuse in comparison to the bond that my friends and I share. I love living a simple life, and purposefully keep it that way!

Y'all come back now.....ya' hear!
((((((Hugs and Kisses)))))