Beautiful Card From A Friend

(Click on photo to enlarge.)

Life is SWEET!!!  I received this beautifully handmade greeting card from my dear friend, Janice Bryant, aka Rubber Rabbit!  It is so precious to me that I have it sitting on my dresser by Minnie to make me smile each day.  I want it to be protected, so when I have the opportunity to go shopping, I'm going to purchase a frame for it.  Not only are the thoughts within the card encouraging, it is nice when friends take the time to hand make something with you in mind, and cater it towards your passion and interests.  I am a true animal lover.  I have had animals such as rats, ferrets, cats, guinea pigs......have held and adored a few snakes under the guidance of their owners (would love to become more educated about them and have one of my own, if I could), and currently spoil 3 dogs.  I adore the cute fur-babes on her card, and the "woof" bordered frame.  Talk about a card that made my DAY!

THANK YOU, my sweet, favorite Rabbit!!!  Your card will be forever cherished.