Raw Art Journaling

Raw Journaling in the kitchen!

Wanted to share a few of my journal pages.  What gave me the journaling fever was reading a book written by Quinn McDonald.  The name of her book is Raw Art Journaling.  This book has a wealth of information and examples, and focuses on you, the reader.... helping you find the key to bring out the creativity within. The book is written in a style that is stimulating to the well seasoned journal artist, yet not intimidating to those new to this form of art.  From the very beginning, she gets you to face the challenge of conquering the inner gremlins that may inhibit you.  Through a combination of writing and art, she encourages you to get into the routine of "actively" journaling.  She advises keeping things simple instead of putting off journaling based on the mentality that you must always create monumental pages.  The main goal is joy and contentment in your journey, being yourself, and keeping it raw and real!

Since I am into the raw vegan lifestyle, the thought of raw journaling was quite the love connection.*smile*  This leads to my present topic for journaling.  Health and fitness!

Found Poetry from word clippings.

One of the things that I enjoy doing for health and fitness is backpacking.  The background of the found poetry above is a mixture of watercolor and collage.   The word clippings were found within mail ads, brochures, and various magazines. The drawing of the lady came from the inspiration of a drawing illustration in my favorite hiking magazine, Women's Adventure Magazine.  They can also be found on Facebook.  I changed the image to an African American to depict my personal joy and experience in hiking. When I hike and see the wonders of creation, it brings me a deeper appreciation and connection to my Father, Jehovah. The poem reads:

Word tags and clippings
Almost a religion.
Love the adventure...
plunging ahead
to the beautiful and
cherished forest land.
Waterfall in a downpour.
So special.
I climb high.
Far away from the worries
that weighed heavily upon my soul.
Thirst for living
peace in the moment.
Thank you Jehovah.
Glory and honor to your name.

My next journal page started with a page that I tore out of an old novel. (Shown on the first picture in this post onto the clipboard.)  Quinn instructed the reader to circle words within the page to create his/her own poetic thoughts.  After circling my thoughts, I colored the words in green, drew and watercolored the woman and background landscaping inspired by various health related images that I found on the internet.  I thought of the phrase "Healthy Lifestyle", and within that phrase, I noticed "Heal Thy Life".

Found Poetry from a novel page.


She didn't smoke.  
She didn't drink.
Her weight, ordinary.
Running......taking aerobic classes.

Longevity meant she would
live her three score and ten.
People reasonably expect
her to play.

Driven. Work hard. Reach.
Squeeze tight.
Lie down for a minute....
muscles sore. 

The next project (pictured below) called for writing down words that came to mind on index cards, movie ticket tags, the back of old artwork, etc.  The words were used as prompts for journaling.  We were instructed to put the cards or tags in a storage container.  I decided to make my own tags.  Here is and example of a few.

Word Tags
 I had my sons to pick a tag from the container.  Thoughts were written based upon the words chosen.

Background secrets written with watercolor pencils.  Smear with water to hide the message. (technique taught in book)  Nature Haiku written.

Nature barefoot hike.
The forest embraces me.
Feeling so alive.

Hidden message background with Haiku

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!  Quinn even volunteered her time to teach a 2-3 month Raw Art Journaling workshop on my online art group, Artists of the Round Table. When members completed the course, they received beautiful certificates created and hand signed by her! 

Thank you, Quinn!  Darl'in, you're the Best'eses!!!  :-)

Raw Art Journaling Certificates


Linda w said…
It's a great project, and I love your pages. I've enjoyed reading your post. Hugs lin
quinncreative said…
Ahhh, Jacque, those pages are so wonderful, they do a heart good. I love how you combined things you love and such beautiful artwork into meaningful pages. I'm honored to have seen them!
Thanks Linda! So good to see ya' sweetheart! Your comment made my day!! :-)

(((((Hugs and Kisses)))))
I'm honored to have met you, and studied your awesome book! You are one of a kind, my friend, and have truly touched my heart.♥♥

((((((Love you always.))))))
I think this is a fine way to chronicle the things that you love to do. And you did a good job in your journal. Your pages are so artistic and interesting to read.
By the way, thanks for your heartwarming comments on my winter blog. Yes, we're sisters, and I also hope that we'll meet in person someday.
Big hugs!
trisha too said…
Wow, Jacque--wonderful journal pages, thank you for sharing them with us!