What's For Lunch?

Mock Tuna & Salad

I enjoyed a delicious mock-tuna sandwich made by my precious mother-in-law and friend, Linda Barnes.  The two of us are still going strong with the raw vegan lifestyle, and work together as a team experimenting and preparing raw recipes.  She is such an inspiration to me, and spoils me RAW-ten.

My sons gave raw vegan eating a good try.  Whereas, they are not against it, they felt 100% wasn't quite for them.  We decided to have a meeting of the minds. To minimize their meat intake, I prepare alternatives for them, such as Eggplant Parmesan, Seitan veg steak with gravy, Spaghetti with mushrooms and brocolli, vegetarian tofu Stir-fry, etc.

Quick & easy Veggie Taco Meal!
Above is an example of their quick and easy lunch. (Esp. when they are homeschooling. Dustin & Justin homeschooling 12th grade, Josiah getting his registration set up to major in computer programming for homeschool college - classes via video and webcam online.)  They also enjoy big salads for lunch, like spinach and strawberries, or my Vegetarian Southwestern.  I really enjoy making their plates look pleasurable and inviting.  They get the biggest smile, and always tell me how much they appreciate it.  :-)

So far, things have worked out well with our eating and fitness plans. Dustin, Justin, and Josiah has that they wanted to "go buff", and have gotten into body building! *smile*  (Photo below of Dustin)  

Proud of you my dears!!!  Keep up the excellent work!