A Rawfully Delicious Dinner

I enjoyed my weekend immensely!!!  My mother-in-law, whom I refer to as "the one that spoils me RAWten", prepared a raw vegan candlelight dinner that we enjoyed together with some of our friends.  What a joy and encouragement it was being with them! *happy sigh*  We spent hours of playing catch-up with what was happening in each of our lives, laughing and clowning-which is right up my alley, then later watched a movie together.  Missing them as I write this post, and look forward to the day that we get together like this again.

Just a quick post to share some of the delicious food that delighted our taste buds!  :-)

Raw Vegan Spicy Chunky Chowder Soup made with pine nuts and seaweed.

Delicious Salad! 

 Hempesan (Raw Vegan Parmesan Topping) &
Raw Coconut Jerky Bits for our salad.

Vegan Dip and Raw BBQ Crackers

Strawberry Parfait for dessert!  :-)

This is a cool sprouter that Linda has! It's called an Easy Green Sprouter Micro Farm. Must get one of these!  It has a built in water reservoir.  Simply set the timer for when you want it to water the sprouts!  I love it!

If you would like to try some of the recipes, I have included links by a few of the photos.  The Raw Vegan Chowder soup is from the Julienno's Raw Cuisine DVD.   The dip and BBQ Crackers recipe comes from ebooks that can be found here:  Abeba's Krazy Krackers.