Indoor Rock Climbing At Stronghold

There is great satisfaction in exercising at home, however, sometimes for the sake of change and adding more fun to fitness, I can't help but think along the lines of John Cleese on Monty Python, where he announces........ "And now for something completely different."  My sons and I have been fascinated with rock climbing, and decided to go for indoor training at Stronghold Athletic Club in Columbia, SC (USA). We had a "blast"!  Felt like a kid again, climbing to the very top.  HUZZAH!!!  My music inspiration of the day:

"Can You Take Me Higher"

Some of the photos we took at Stronghold are in My Shutterfly.  Drop by and check 'em out!

I have learned that there is a nice rock climbing gym in Atlanta.  Needless to say, we will be heading that way soon.  There is a rock climbing Meet-up group in Atlanta.  How awesome is that!  Hopefully, we can learn a lot of tips from climbers there.  I will be looking into 101 classes at Fox Mountain Guides.  Perfect homeschool PE for my sons. 

This was such a wonderful experience! We look forward to our next visit to Stronghold, as well as climbing in other areas.