Health and Wellness Expos

Reporters from channel 6
Yes, I do love attending expos.....especially when it pertains to health and wellness!  The past 3 weeks, my dad and I have had ourselves a ball with each of the events!

The first expo we attended was located at the Savannah Rapids Pavillion.  The exhibitors are listed in the WJBF-Channel 6 website.  It was truly amazing, the attendance and support for this event.  Cars where parked everywhere!!  Not only was the parking area were parked long distances alongside neighboring roads.  There were golf carts for those who wanted a ride from the parking area to the expo, then back to their cars after attending.  The expo offered free health screenings for both children and adults.  There was blood sugar testing, a blood pressure check, Zyto Compass screening to identify supplements that the body is lacking, eye/hearing exams, and more!  For added enjoyment, there was face painting for the kids, a Wii exercise tournament, and boat rides.

Would you believe that I saw a book at one of the exhibits dedicated to raw vegan food preparation!  The title of the book is "First Generation Raw". (photo bottom left)  Needless to say, the book is now in my possession. *smile* 

Book at one of the exhibits.  

 Week 2:  Diabetes Expo
The second week, we attended the 25th Annual Diabetes Expo.   At each exhibit, they were giving away informative books and brochures.  Here again, they were testing for sugar, high blood pressure, a carotid artery plaque scan, and more.

There were also various classes informing the public about diabetes, how to control it, complications, and the newest medications available. I decided to check out their cooking class, and learned some wonderful new recipes.  I enjoy preparing raw vegan meals.....and though, my sons do not reject it, they have clearly stated that they do not aspire to be 100%.  They enjoy a balance of both worlds (vegan + non-vegan), and work towards eating as healthy as possible.  When I prepare meals for them, I try to have a meeting of the minds.  Will see if they like some of the recipes from this class.

 Week 3:  Barney's Health Fair
Friday, we attended a Health Fair at Barney's Pharmacy.  Mom joined us for this one!  We were quite thrilled that she was feeling better and had the energy to do so!!!

If anyone in our local area missed the previous expos, there was definitely a lot of information at this event.  Along with health screening, they offered pain management massages, brochures about controlling diabetes/healthy eating, and an opportunity to sign up for trial classes taught regularly at the store.  Snacks and beverages were provided for all in attendance, in addition to lunch from Sconyers BBQ.