Living History

I never tire of visiting the Living History Park in N. Augusta, SC each year to see the reenactment of colonial times! Various members of our CSRA HomeSchool group always lovingly post reminders!  Some of the features included at the event were blacksmithing, woodworking, musketry, sewing, pottery, weaving, candlemaking and more!  Though, I didn't sample anything due to the changes I have made in my eating habits, I do realize from past samplings that some of the best butter to delight the palate has been churned for sampling during this event.  One year that my mom attended, she said that it tasted like butter her family churned during her childhood.  There was also a gentleman that had the fire going, ever so slowly and graciously preparing food for those reenactingphoto.  I am proud to say, that I maintained focus, and encountered no "Bird Anonymous" setbacks.  (Sylvester and Tweety) *giggles*

To learn more about this annual event, see:  "Colonial Times:  A day to Remember".  Check out some of the pics  that I uploaded to my Multiply photo gallery!

By the way.....for those of you who are into letterboxing, there is one hidden in the Living History park called Nestled In!  We also have other new letterboxes in our area.  Printing the clues, and looking forward to the lettebox hunt!