(Raw) Angel-Hair Zucchini Pasta

For some, raw vegan pasta is an acquired taste!  I happily eat my share of it.....my sons, on the other hand, gasp at even the thought.  We're still working on that.  ;-)  Since diabetes and high blood pressure runs in my family, I made the decision to steer away from food such as white pasta/rice and enriched bread.  I'm leaning more towards alternatives.

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One thing that I substitute for pasta, among other lovely alternatives, is Zucchini. I enjoy it topped with a delicious marinara sauce. If I decide for a cheesy taste, I'll simply sprinkle a dab of Nutritional Yeast.  What I am anxious to try with this dish is raw walnut meatballs.  Will let ya' know how that turns out!

The way that I make my angel hair zucchini is by using a Saladacco Spiral Slicer.  Simply slice the zucchini to a manageable size.  Turn the crank on the top to turn the zucchini into the spiralizer blade......

.....and a thin pasta like strand will collect in the bottom chamber.

If you don’t have a spiral slicer yet, simply grate the zucchini or peel it with a peeler for a flat fettuccine-type “noodle”.

Just a quick post of what I'm up to on the topic of healthy eating.  Blogging about it, from time to time, encourages me and keeps me focused.  Sometimes, it is a matter of being a plate away in the return to old habits of comfort eating.  I am determined to continue my healthy journey. My life depends upon it.

Hey!  Forgot to mention.....I made a raw cashew spread as an alternative cheese for my Jacqui-Lin Crackers!  I must say, it is absolutely DEE-lish!  Will post about it soon!

(((((((Much Love)))))))


Lora Martin said…
We've been eating zucchini "linguine" for several years now. Been doing a quick sauté in olive oil and garlic, but I do believe I will try it raw next time. How did the meatballs turn out?