Printmaking Playtime

Printmaking Press that I am using at the Gertrude Institute of Art

 Simple sketch for carving practice. 
Getting in some much needed creative time.  I have a couple of new printmaking books that I purchased, and look forward to trying some of the projects.  Being no stranger to softoleum (or soft-block) carving, I decided to try something different to change things up......carving on linoleum.  For starters, I purchased Golden-Cut linoleum online from Dick Blick. Hobby Lobby had some of the battleship gray linoleum.  It was calling my name. *smile*  The first one that I experimented with is the Golden Cut.  Before starting my new project, I decided to get the feel of the linoleum by carving patterns on a spare piece.  Not bad!

Ink brayers and barens
Of course, it was firmer than softoleum, but not too firm.  No doubt, a tad bit easier to carve than the battleship grey.  To the above right is a quick sketch that I did for carving practice. The proportions of the sketch is not correct...but ya' know what, I'm letting it go.  I am more interested in hopping in and getting started with the skill and practice of carving than I am in erasing and redrawing the sketch. You choose your battles.  Will post a picture of the results when I am finished with the carving and printing.  This is going to be fun! :-)

Here are a few printmaking books that are my faves!

Art Stamping Workshop by Gloria Page  (Awesome book for getting started in relief printmaking)
The Printmaking Bible by Ann Hughes and Hebe Vernon-Morris
The Complete Printmaker by John Ross
Printmaking + Mixed Media by Doris Elisha
Print Workshop:  Hand-Printing Techniques and Truly Original Projects by Christine Schmidt
The Woodcut Artist's Handbook by George A. Walker and Barry Moser
Simple Printmaking by Gwen Diehn


Becci said…
Keep us posted! :-)
Will do Becci! Thanks for visiting girlfriend! :-D
((((Hello Charlene!)))) I am thrilled to see you here too!!! :-)
Anonymous said…
Ohhhh, block carving and stamping is something I've always been interested in, but getting started has always intimidated me. I'd love to watch you do this step by step--so keep us posted!
Love the evocative drawing you did--sooooo cool!