Backpacking 101 - Part 1: Seminar

My sons and I attended a wonderful Backpacking 101 seminar hosted by the Carolina Outdoors Society. We learned about all of the basic equipment needed for backpacking. I was amazed at the information we learned about how to do "lightweight" backpacking.  Less weight on your back makes the hike more enjoyable and keeps the hiker balanced. The info was so interesting that I went home and spent hours on Google reading, uploading, and printing all that I could find regarding it. One of the booklets I found to be beneficial can be read here:

Here are a few photos of our fun day at the backpacking seminar!   A special thanks to our outstanding instructor Mark!  He works so hard with these classes, and lovingly does it free of charge.

Mark, our instructor
I won trekking poles!  Other neat goodies were given away during class.

Justin profiles
Dustin won a water bladder to put in his backpack

Mark teaches Josiah to adjust his pack
Jimmy won dry sacks
Michael's backpacking mattress
Micheal trying on Josiah's backpack
Some of the students
Mark demos Thermarest Neo Air Mattress.

Me giving a happy smile
A bite to eat after class


Thank you for sharing your beautiful new adventures! Loved seeing how the boys have grown into young men. Time flies. Enjoy your summer fun. Hugs, Gayle.