Letterbox Trading Cards

I had the joy of being in a letterbox trading card swap that took place on my online art group, Artists of the Round Table. We traded 6 letterbox cards for 6 in return.  In making LTCs [letterbox trading cards], the image used must be hand carved.  Below is a photo of my carving and how it looks when it is inked and stamped.

The additional photos are the LTCs I created using the carved stamp.  The background of the cards were made with wet wipes.  If you ever have baby wipes or wet wipes to dry out on you.....don't throw them away!  Recycle them through your art.  Painting them with watercolor creates the coolest tie dye effect that can be used for handmade greeting cards, artist trading cards or letterbox trading cards, and collage art!  In doing this project, after watercoloring and allowing the wipes to dry, I glued them to watercolor paper that I had previously cut 2.5x3.5.  The additional watercolored wipes were used to make envelopes for the LTCs.   I decided to make an extra card as a first finder gift for one of my letterboxes that I will plant (or hide).  It will also contain the carved turtle, and a login book for finders to stamp their signature carvings and a brief comment!  To learn about letterboxing, visit:  http://www.atlasquest.com/   You never know.....one could be hidden in your area.

Thought I would share where I do my stamping and soft-block carvings.

I have different areas throughout my home that I use based upon the type of art that I am doing.  Since I don't have a studio, here again.... I have to create space.  Some of my art supplies are located here.  When I'm carving on the go, I bring along my kit.


PeggyR said…
As usual I love your artwork!
(((((Thank you Peggy!)))))) Josiah and I were looking at a photo that you and I took while we were together in Ohio. He said that he remembered you, and that you were so nice! I sure do miss ya' girl.
These are beautiful cards you've made, Jacqui! I love their colors too. Your working space is also great. I wish I had such well-organized one too.
Tee Thompson said…
Well hey.. I just came to say thanks for stopping by my site.. but find out you are a boxer and an LTCer too. Too funny.. I'm Shadohart (aka draygonflies to the really old members). It was me that threw the idea of ATC/LTCs on the table and MammaCache ran with it and got the first swap going. *grin* She's an indomitable force of nature and I love her to pieces.

Your sea turtle cards are way better than mine! *grin*

Do you have any of Mandy's cards.. Wowza! (geometryjunkie)

Hello Tee!
Was so tickled to find your website. Honey....you have eye candy galore!! Will definitely be back to visit again.

I still consider myself the new kid on the block to letterboxing and the Atlas Quest site. I have heard of MammaCache, but I don't think that I know Mandy. I'm still learning folks. Does she have a blog or website? Would love to visit!
nice cards amazing color combination ....
Thank you very much for the compliment! Have a beautiful day! :-)