Encouragement Card

(Click on photo for better view)
I really am happy with how this card turned out! I made 2 of them.....1 burgundy, and the other green. (photo above)  Printed a Kingdom Melody (song #44,  "Jehovah Really Cares")  from one of our previous books, on light colored decorative paper. Added a leaf that I dried, and made polymer clay chips for embellishment.

On the inside of the card, I included a poem by a very talented brother named David Rogers. What a beautiful soul he has. This poem said all the right words. 

Heart Song

"At times we feel so much, but we don't say a word; We're screaming inside, yet, we can't be heard.  But Jehovah hears our words, as we fall, bleeding and broken; With heartfelt utterances, although left unspoken.

Given the strength to rise from the ashes; Faith and courage, to survive the clashes.  Keep going, keep moving, we're almost to the end; You're going to be alright, my family and friend..."