Making Space For A Library

My Spiritual Library
Is any room, cabinet, or closet safe with me?  This "a will-a way" post is written on behalf of those who work at figuring out ways to keep things organized and de-cluttered in the home.  Creating space seems to be an ongoing job for me.  We are a family of 4 and live in a small/modest condo.  I am thankful and have no complaints. *smile*  I truly LOVE our home sweet home.  My challenge, however, is creating space so that things will be organized, spacious, and cramp free.

Each of my sons have a personal library in their bedrooms, but I didn't have enough room in mine.  I actually needed 2 for art, novels, and books in general, and one for my spiritual library.  I also needed a bit of additional room to store literature -American Sign Language DVDs included- for the ministry work.There was no way that I was going to have space for 2 libraries, so for the one that I needed the most room, I decided to use our linen closet upstairs that is midway our hall and right by my room.  I removed the door so that the books would be visible and easily accessible.  I was so happy that this worked out.  As for the linen, we have shelves and storage units in each bathroom for towels etc.  We also have units in our closets to organize bedsheets and blankets. 

Here are a few of the historical goodies in my library.  *Many thanks to Donna for her lovely gift of the '43 Watchtower, and Patricia for her wonderful gift of the Kingdom Melody Albums!  My friends ROCK!!!!*   I am touched when it comes to our spiritual heritage and sometimes find myself teary eyed when I see, touch, or even smell items dealing with our past.  (Older, "antiquish" items do indeed have a smell...and my sense of it is keen.)  This wonderful history keeps me focused and grounded.  It gives me goose-pimples to see old photographs of how the preaching work was done,  hearing talks from long ago, or viewing displays at Bethel and Assembly Halls.  I consider it all precious, and priceless. 

(((((((Much Love))))))