A Strawberrylicious Lunch

And yet another fun salad!  Funny how I scratch the itch of creativity even through food preparation.  Being that salad is one of my favorites, I can go on and on about salad recipes.  This time, I decided to go strawberry all the way!  For our lunch, I made a salad topped with strawberries, sesame seeds, walnuts, and raisins.  Sometimes, I use spinach as our greens.  This time, I used a mixture.

After the salad, we enjoyed a strawberry-banana smoothie made by my oldest son, Josiah.  Ooooooooh how delicious it tasted!!!  He beat me hands down making smoothies.  Since I'm part tom-boy and in touch with my inner-kid, I'm not too proud to admit that when I reached the end of that smoothie, I dipped my finger in the glass to swipe every remaining drop that I could manage to get.  Mmmmm.....life is good!  I know my darling mom would roll her eyes at me. *giggles* So unladylike!  Heaven knows....my parents did the best they could with me.

Speaking of smoothies, I like making them a variety of colors.  For a bluish tint, I use blueberries;  red, I add strawberries; green (photo on right), I toss in fresh spinach or romaine lettuce.  To me,  raw almond milk is the BEST for  smoothies!  If you would like to give it a try, I posted the recipe here:


If you decide to give the almond milk recipe a try, please let me know.  Would like to know how you like it!

Do you have a tasty salad dish that you enjoy preparing?  Do share! I learn so much from others, and enjoy experimenting with recipes, both new and old.


Vicki Holdwick said…

That salad looks delicious. I am so impressed with how you've changed your eating habits and how svelte you've become.

I've always been tempted to do vegetarian of some kind, but expect for beans and rice (which I understand is a complete protein), I would be in trouble. I am severely lactose intolerant so no cheese, yogurt, etc.

Thanks for your visit and your support.

Hi Vicki!

Thanks for your sweet comment! Girlfriend, you made my day. :-)

I feel your pain in being lactose intolerant. Milk, especially, will have me bent over in agonizing pain. Cheese will give me a runny nose like no other. I love it, but it doesn't play nice. On the rare occasions that I eat it, I keep it to a tiny amount. My twins can eat it with no problems. What is up with that? No fair! *g*

Since I am lactose intolerant (so is Josiah), our family uses a lot of alternatives. {Tofu -limited amounts- or raw nuts such as almonds, cashew, and Brazil} We purchase raw nuts by the box full through co-ops, and use them to make our own cheese/cheese spreads, milk, whip-cream, yogurt, etc.

Take care, sweetie! Look forward to your next blog post!