Hiking At Hitchcock

Josiah exploring.
I've said it once and will say it again.....I am addicted to hiking.  Thankfully, my boys share in  this addiction.  It is such a delight to me, seeing them outdoors enjoying Jehovah's AWESOME creation.   I would rather see kids/teens into hobbies like this instead of being glued to television, computers, or a gaming system.  We are continuing our hiking adventures, along with family walks each week at various parks and locations. For the next hike, we will bring our nature journals to include a bit of art and science.

We have always wanted to hike Hitchcock Woods, and was happy when the Carolina Outdoors Society announced that they were scheduling a hike there!  They are the awesome group I wrote about in my previous post.  The members are very down-to-earth, friendly, and supportive.  We learn so much from them.  The boys and I look forward to their upcoming backpacking seminar and hike!

The hike at Hitchcock was fun and challenging.  There were a lot of sandy areas and some uphill.  I felt muscles that I didn't know existed. The next day, I was walking a little like Fred Sanford calling out for Elizabeth......but ya' know what......in thinking about the joy that we had on this hike, I can deal with being a little sore. The Augusta Hiking Group will be walking the same trail later this month.  Guess who will be joining them?

I think that perhaps this time, I would like to plant a letterbox.  Will contact the Hitchcock Foundation to get permission.  If they approve, I will get to work making a carving and a handmade journal for the letterbox!


What a great blog website. Totally going to share it with my friends and family.
Thank you. I enjoyed visiting your site, as well. :-)