An Enjoyable Workshop

Attentive Teacher

I am appreciative of hikers that give their work of heart towards training others.  The workshop that we had the pleasure of attending was "Building Your Own Backpacking Stove".  It was hosted by the Carolina Outdoors Society.  The workshop was taught by Mark.... the gentleman standing in the photo above.   He did such an INCREDIBLE job, and you could really tell that he put his heart into it.

Bo, Dustin, and Justin
Many thanks to Cristina (Bo's Wife) for this lovely photo
I understand the hard work that is involved in  teaching and volunteering your services as in instructor.   That is why I am both overjoyed and sincerely grateful when people lovingly extend themselves in this way to the community. Hauling the equipment alone is quite an undertaking.

To learn more about creating a backpacking stove, check out the following sites:
There are also a "ton" of fun YouTube video tutorials for more examples.

Demonstration of how backpack stoves work

The boys and I have signed up for more hiking workshops/clinics.  One will be a backpacking clinic on the Estatoe, hosted by the Blue Ridge Backpackers.  The second will be a backpacking seminar followed by a day hike, hosted by the Carolina Outdoors Society.  We count hiking and the workshops that we attend to teach us basic information and safety, as P.E. for homeschooling.  Our family really look forward to these events, and can't thank our wonderful volunteers enough for their hard work!

My son and I are definitely addicted to hiking and anything related to it!!