Hiking At Phinizy Swamp Nature Park

One of my hiking groups (The Augusta Hiking Meetup Group) arranged a hike at the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park. It was very cold that morning, and though the bed felt warm and snuggly....Dustin and I decided to join in. I'm so happy that we did! Look at what we saw during this hike!

Afterwards, we decided to do a bit of letterboxing in the area. We looked for a couple of boxes in the "Letterboxers' Adventures In Wonderland" series.

This group of letterboxes is rated a blue diamond at AtlasQuest, which means they come highly recommended. We searched for 2 of the 7 available - Hookah Smoking Caterpillar and White Rabbit. (9 were originally created, but 2 are unavailable) We couldn't find the Caterpillar.....will try again on another hike. We did, however, find the White Rabbit letterbox....and boy was it AWESOME!!! Truly well worth the search! As for the other boxes hidden in this location, we will look for one or two per hike as our treat for a healthy workout. *smile* We are certain that they will be equally as beautiful, and look forward to finding these wonderful treasures.

Kid at heart!


Linda w said…
Fantastic photo's, what wonderful veiws. So many beautiful places to see, thanks for sharing that one. Glad you had a fun day. Hugs lin
The scenery is beautiful even though it's a swamp. Good you went so we can also see the place through your photos.