Art Stamping Workshop

I will be hosting a soft-block carving workshop through the study
of a book titled Art Stamping Workshop written by Gloria Page.
To learn about this WONDERFUL author, visit her website here:

You can find her book at Amazon.

In Studying this book, you will learn how to carve your own stamps. It is an awesome book, and I highly recommend it. From what I see, Amazon has 11 new books from from $7.62, and 22 used from $6.32. Get it while you can, and make this a definite keeper for your personal library. She also offers a DVD that demonstrates the techniques in this book.

Art Stamping Innovations

If you would like to see some of the work created by members of
Artists of the Round Table who previously studied in this workshop,
visit our group gallery.

Before committing to this workshop, realize that this will be a
lengthy one (14 weeks + 2 weeks break), if you are looking
for a fast paced workshop, this may not work for you. We are
taking our time for the consideration of work schedules. In addition,
soft-block carving is not a form of art that should be rushed. Patience
is the key to good carving. The carving basics portion of this
workshop will be one lesson per week so that those new to carving
will not feel overwhelmed as they are learning and getting past the
intimidation factor that some feel towards carving. Once you hop in
and get your feet wet, you are going to enjoy this form of art and find
it to be both relaxing and rewarding.

The workshop begins November 21. If you are interested, please sign
up in the database at Artists of the Round Table. *You will need to have
an account with Yahoo to access the group links and files.

Basic materials needed for the workshop are uploaded in the
files. Some of the supplies you may already have on hand.



PeggyR said…
Congratulations on hosting! You are an awesome artist!
Becci said…
WOW Jacque! I better visit Artists of the Round Table and catch up on all the new stuff! WOw wow wOW!