World Raw Food Day

I am grateful for my sweet mother-in-law, who is also
my dear friend. She spoiled us with a delicious "raw" Lemon Meringue Treat!

October 10th was World Raw Food Day! All over the world, people came together to have raw pot-luck gatherings. Read more about it at

We enjoyed the event on a small family scale, and we will continue in our focus of healthy eating and exercise. For breakfast, we had a delicious pineapple-banana and mango smoothie (some mornings we drink a green smoothie by adding spinach). To make it we use a fresh pineapple (cored and chopped), frozen bananas, and a large mango. Blend ingredients in a blender, and garnish with half of a pineapple slice.

We got a bit happy. The pineapple slice was pretty big. *laughs* The milk used was home made almond milk. I have directions of how to make almond milk in one of my previous posts. Salads are my favorite, so I decided to have one for lunch. To top it off, my mother-in-law fixed a raw Lemon Meringue Treat! It was so was sinful!!! The recipe is in "I am Grateful" by Terces Engelhart with Orchid. Linda is such an adventurer when it comes to trying new and exciting things. She is such an inspiration to me! ♥

I am extremely thankful that she introduced me to raw food recipes, and know that we will be trying the Lemon Meringue Treat again! We're getting more almonds soaked and ready to make it this week, in addition to raw yogurt and whip cream. After the Lemon Meringue Josiah is interested in making the recipe with an orange cream we picked up a few oranges to experiment. There are so many raw recipes that we would like to try.

Bit by bit, we are picking up ingredients, and other goodies along the way to have on hand when we come across a new recipe. Nothing is worse than wanting to prepare something and not having the proper ingredients. Upon reading a recipe, I like thinking to myself...... "I have most of that stuff!!" It's nice being able to hop in and get started instead of putting things off for a long list of shopping.

We are enjoying our raw journey, and it is going to be interesting to see what others prepared for Raw Food Day. I'll be checking out various Meet-up groups to get the scoop on all of the fun.


Wow, this makes my mouth water! Mmmm...I want to taste the foods.
Joli said…
Thanks for posting about raw food. I started this and it is an encouragement to see others doing the same.


ps I look for your posts. They are always so interesting.
Thank you for your sweet comments Charlene and Joli! :-)