Soft-Block Carving

Practicing a bit on my carving. I was working on it for a letterbox. It didn't turn out exactly as I wanted, but it was good practice and very relaxing. (smile) The plan was to get permission to plant it at the Diamond Lakes Library. The title was going to be "Diamond Lakes Library....A Girl's Best Friend". The problem that I have with it is that I used the Mastercarve block, and it was a bit too soft. It really put the soft in soft-block.

I have used Mastercarve with some of my previous work, but this particular carve didn't feel like it would withstand the constant use that it would get through letterboxing. Lesson learned: Mastercarve is fine for bold images. Try a firm block for detail images, and carves for letterboxes. Will work on a different carve, and this time I think I'll use my Speedball block (the pink stuff, as referred to by carvers). It is more firm and can take the abuse. Stampeaze is selling a new soft-block called Firm Kut. Think that I will also experiment and give that a try.

Most of the time, I am carving on the go.......while traveling, doctor appointments, spending time at mom's, etc. Here is my carving kit that I take with me. (photo left, above)

I love it! Found it at a yard sale for $1.00. Isn't that sweet! Gotta' love yard sales! I always find the most amazing things to use for art projects.


If you would like to give carving a try, my favorite book is Stamping Art Workshop by Gloria Page. ((((She is also my favorite artist))))) She has an excellent DVD titled Art Stamping Innovations. You won't regret having this in your library. If you really want to see some "AWESOME" carvings created during a study of this book, check out work from the loving members of my online group, Artists of the Round Table.


teri said…
Jacqui, I know nothing about this but find it fascinating. Thanks for sharing these book titles. I'm going to take a look. xo
Maer said…
enjoyed reading about your carving experiences Jackie....Love the pic of the boys in their jedi costumes..they must have had loads of fun.
Barbara said…
Wow! You did an awesome job here!
freebird said…
I think it looks great! Even if you can't use it as intended, it makes for a nice stamp for your use. I really have to get busy and try a few.
Vicki Holdwick said…
Very nice, Jacqui,

I may have to try this some day.

Linda w said…
Hi Jacqui, we've not spoken for some time, but you may remember me from cardtherapy group, Lin. Anyway, just found your blog and linked so can keep in touch with you. I enjoyed reading your post on almond milk. Will be giving that a go. Very interesting about the benefits of soaking them. My blog is, in case you ever have chance to pop by. Christian love to you and family. Lin