Creating Space for Art & Supplies

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Some artists have the joy of owning a studio.  Well.....I have the "joy" portion, and improvise when it comes to the studio. (smile)  When living in a small home, you work out ways to create space.  Here is the storage room that I use to keep my art supplies.  The shelves are a huge help in utilizing space.  I create art throughout our home.  No room is safe! *laughs*  If I need the work surface of a floor, or the bathroom counters and sink (photo-emulsions, etc), its getting used.   Art desks and supplies are set up in different rooms.  This month, I am working on screen printing, so I'll be creating art in the kitchen.  When doing artwork such as mosaics, I have a drafting table and two library bookcases in a screened in patio area for storing more supplies.  Sometimes, I enjoy creating art at the park.  For that, I stuff supplies in my rolling tote, and off I go!!!

No matter the size of your living quarters or lack of studio space.....if there is a will for both creativity and an art-play area, there is a way.


PeggyR said…
I'm impressed! You can come and organize my closet! It was organized at one time, but everytime I do a project stuff gets pulled out!
Janet said…
Now that is impressive! Where there is a will, there is a way...
Arlene said…
Well,I am certainly impressed too - you are so organized! I wish someone would come and do that in my studio for me. It looks great!
what a delight for you Jacque to stand and look at the richness of art supplies and to behold all the possibilities they can create for your happiness. Enjoy your space! The Minny/Mickey mouses are an added touch.
Quilt Knit said…
This makes me look forward to a slightly larger place. Mine is small and I have fallen into disorganization. Today I am playing catch up. I do so want to show you my small space. I love this organization. I remember when I - will not believe this: I had a place for everything and everything was located in its space. I did not have to use my eyes unless I wanted too. Looking at blocks for carving helps protect the fingers. Love you yard sell find. I am doing some carving too.
Stay tuned. I bought the carving book.
((( Circle of organization Hugs and Carving Hugs)))
Wow, you have such a nice "workshop" corner there, and your materials are so well-organized! It makes one more inspired to work. A real artist's room.