Dunlawton Sugarmill Botanical Gardens

Click on photo for awesome view of this beautiful garden

We couldn't pass up going on a nature stroll and letterboxing while in Florida. The place that we visited was the Sugarmill Botanical Gardens in Orange Port, Florida. The area is open to the public free of charge! Perfect for our homeschool field trip and tight budget! (smile) Photos of our visit can be found in my Flicker photo gallery:

The letterbox we were searching for is "Arturo Dominici in La Guerra di Troia". This letterbox is marked as a blue diamond at Atlas Quest, which means it is highly recommended. I can truly understand why. Not only did we bask in the beauty of this area, the carving in this letterbox was awesome!!! What a treat!


PeggyR said…
Great pictures! We did a walk by the canal yesterday.
Laura Haviland said…
Jacqui you are just beautiful,I love your profile picture.(truly stunning)
Really great pictures too,really enjoy them.
Hugs,Laura. I am a new member..
Thank you... Have a great day.
I be back for more beauty of your blog and yummy recipe !! I love almonds too.haha