Still Enjoying the Nature Trails and Letterboxing

As you see, I am not an everyday blogger. We're having so much fun hiking and letterboxing while the boys are out of school for summer vacation. When I get back home, I relax for a bit read/study, etc.....and by the end of the day, I get a good night's sleep. I am so thankful for the trails. As a single parent mom, the finances are tough at times. I was feeling down that I didn't have the money to travel to various places with my sons. Hiking and letterboxing has remedied that. We enjoy focusing on God's beautiful creation, and our close relationship as a family while we are on these adventures.

We have been on different trails, but I think I will share a few photos of the North Augusta Greenway nature trail today. My sons and I LOVE it there!!!

Though it does not seem like it on this photo, this hill was pretty steep when you are at the top looking down. At first, I thought....maybe I shouldn't go down there. At my age, I might break something or even have a hard time climbing back up. "Don't go down, Sweetie," I said to Dustin, "you may fall down and get hurt."

A young gentleman was fishing in the area and encouraged me, "Go on down! You can make it! Just hold on to some of the limbs." Deep breath.....hmmmm.....I see that others are down there, and this guy certainly was able to do it. I'll take on his tip and encouragement. I knew that deep inside, the kid in me wanted to try this adventure. I'm always curious as to what is around the corner or in odd paths of nature trails. Plus, there is a part of me that says......yes, I am 46 years "young", I feel blessed each day that I am alive and have my health......and my goodness, I want to live that way! Don't get me wrong, I would not want to get seriously hurt on any of these trails, and I'm not throwing caution to the wind doing wild sports or entertainment that would endanger my life or that of my family. It is simply that I would rather sprain an ankle or break an arm "truly living" and enjoying the nature that I see and the time with my family, than occupy space on this planet in idle comfort, or doing nothing under the policy and practice of "playing it safe". Some of you will fully understand what I mean.

Isn't the Greenway Nature Trail just beautiful!!! It brings me joy even posting about it. *happy sigh* Thank you so much for taking this virtual hike with us!


PeggyR said…
It was great to talk to you the other night. I envy you being able to hike! Hopefully Norm and I will be able to do it again!
Sunny Day said…
It has been so hot here this month that I haven't been able to start my letterboxing search. I can hardly wait until it cools just a little. I am excited about this new hobby, but at the same time putting it off has dampened my enthusiasm just a little. I really enjoy reading about your letterboxing adventures and seeing your pictures.
freebird said…
The scenery is beautiful. I've told my daughter about this and she plans to take her kids. "Plans" is the key here as too often she doesn't find the time but I hope she will. Her oldest daughter would just love it and it'd be good for the rest of them.