Our Hiking and Letterboxing Adventure

I absolutely LOVE hiking!!! As part of our hiking adventure, the boys and I decided to include letterboxing. Each of us carved our signature stamps, and have our log books set to go. I am proud to announce that we found our first letterbox!!! What an exciting experience! Each of us stamped our signature stamp, along with a comment in the planter's logbook......then, we stamped the planter's stamp into our logbooks.

After eating a light snack, we decided to venture off in search of our second letterbox. Josiah was the first person to find it!!

To learn about letterboxing, visit the following sites:

Letterboxing North America

Atlas Quest

New Letterboxers Group

Here is an excellent book that we checked out from our local library:

The Letterbox Companion

If you are interested in a bit of the history of letterboxing, read this webpage:

Next week, we will look for more letterboxes in some of the hiking trails in our area. Will post when we find more.

Friday (June 4th), we plan to go hiking through the Stone Mountain trails. We're taking our fur-babes with us and look forward to having a wonderful time.

Josiah (above) and Dustin (below) are enjoying the logbook from the letterbox.

More hiking and letterboxing adventures to come!!!


DorcasDesigns said…
Sounds like fun! Can I come? :-)
freebird said…
I'll go look at the links. My daughter lives in Simi Valley, CA so surely someone is doing something like this near there. That would be a fun summer adventure! Thanks for the links.
FayraiDesigns said…
Hi Jacqui,
Love this blog entry. This sounds exciting and unique.
Thanks for sharing this.

Florence's Art said…
Hi, I was so excited to see your blog.
I am a J.W living in B.C. Canada.
When I saw the baptism pictures I instantly knew you were one as well.
I also homeschool my two children. The letterboxing seems very interesting. I'll have to have a look and see if there is any near where I live.

Honey...how I wish that you lived near us. The boys and I would LOVE it if you came along!!! It is so much fun. I know that you would enjoy it!


I'm so excited that you are checking out the links! You and your daughter will enjoy it!! For us, activities like this keeps the family close. Even grandparents have had fun looking for a couple of letterboxes with us. I will warn ya'.....it can be addictive. *giggles*

Helloooo Fayrai!

How are you doing girlfriend?! You know, we don't live too far away from each other. On Wednesday, we will be looking for letterboxes in N. Augusta & Aiken.(The Greenway, Hopeland Gardens, and more.) If you would like to join us, just say the word!!!

Hello Florence!

How exciting it is meeting you!!! How did you find me?! :-) I put myself on your "Followers" list so that I can continue to visit and stay in touch! My, oh MY is your artwork so beautiful!!!!

Yes....we are JWs! We attend a Sign Language congregation. I have one of my son's talks uploaded. Will try to get more uploaded soon.

Take care my dear & look forward to chatting with you again!

Thank you all for visiting my blog, and for taking the time to post. I send ((((((Hugs and Kisses)))))) to you all!
Zoma said…
I'm so glad you had fun on your letterboxing adventure! We are letterboxers from Minnesota. I found the link to your blog on from the NewBoxers group. Your artwork is wonderful, too!
--SZSRocks (our trail name)
Sunny Day said…
My comment is about ASL. I have a deaf aunt, an uncle, and some cousins. I took several courses in ASL and really enjoyed it. Thanks for taking an interest in their situation.