A Big Surprise From a Loving Friend!

I can't describe to you the look on my face when I came home and discovered this lovely box waiting for me. Puzzled and looking at my boys, I said, "I didn't order anything! Did one of you order something?" The boys, equally as confused....."No, mah!"

I looked at the address label. "It's from Lynn!!! She is one of my pals from Artists of the Round Table!"

Boy, was she sneaky! She never mentioned a word about doing this, while we chatted by phone and email.

I honestly couldn't open the box fast enough through all of the excitement. Inside were the hugest grapefruits and lemons I have ever seen!!! What a perfectly thoughtful RAK!!!" This gift couldn't have come at a better time. I have been studying about raw food and raw food preparation, and have chosen this as my way of life. This delicious fruit was right up my alley! Can you get a load of the size of these babies?!! Lynn informed me that this particular type of grapefruit is called Oro Blanco. <Spanish for "white gold"> She further added, "They are super sweet.....way better than any you will find in the stores. You won't need sugar to eat them and some people will just peel them and eat like an orange!" Boy, was she right!!!

Check out the grapefruit in the photo to the right. This is a photo sent by Lynn of more grapefruit that she picked. The one in the middle weighs 3.5lbs! Can you imagine that?!!

When I think about the lemons that she sent, my mouth waters. They were sooooo delicious!!! They too, were far better than the lemons that I have purchased from the grocery store.

Lynn.......I love ya' honey and want to thank you again for this awesome surprise.

My family and I send (((((((((hugs and kisses to you))))))))))) from Georgia to Arizona!!!!


PeggyR said…
Looks like a very special treat! I know you will enjoy it! Hope you and your family are well!
Hello Peggy!!

Hope that you and Norm are doing well today! Honey....I just visited your site. You still keep a beautiful garden as always. Wish that I had your green thumb! I see that Norm is still into trains! You mentioned him going to a train meeting in one of your entries. That is wonderful! I sure miss you guys and wish that we could see each other again. Maybe one day. *sigh*
PeggyR said…
I was so happy to see you posting on my blog! I miss talking with you and hope all is going well!
freebird said…
So you are going raw foods? I hope you do it more like my son, sticking to raw fruits and veggies (although after a couple of years he went back to occasional pastas and rice) and not like my sister and her husband with the coconuts and cashews which means a highfat and less nutritional diet. My sister started losing her hair and got really sick. My son is healthy and active. I hope I am not stepping on toes here.
freebird said…
I'm sorry Jacqui, I left my message thinking about raw food diets and plum forgot to agree that you received a wonderful gift here. It's wonderful to be RAK'd and with good fruit no less and I should have mentioned it.