Another Fun Day With The Elumbaughs & Friends!

We heard that Brother Elumbaugh would be giving his concluding talk for the area of Athens, GA and would be serving another district. [Oklahoma, I think] Quickly, we made plans to attend! What an awesome day that we had!!! Brother Elumbaugh and Lisa were as friendly and loving as always!
When this brother gives a talk, he captures your attention from beginning to end. The talks we heard that day were:

To Mind The Spirit, Set Personal Goals

Reject World Fantasies and Pursue Kingdom Realities

If you haven't heard him give this talk.....include it as a "must do" on your list:

Just Let It Go
Listening to an upload or CD of his talk is a joy, yet seeing him in action is a more delightful experience. His smiles, laughter, expressions, gestures and mannerism gets the listener involved. This is not a man simply rambling off at the mouth. You understand his deep love for Jehovah through every cell of his being, and he speaks with authority and conviction. My family adores him and our darling sister, Lisa. My sons stated that he is an example of the type of brother that they want to be as they continue to grow in spiritual maturity. I thank Jehovah for modern day examples like him and pray each day to our Father on behalf of my sons in achieving their goals. With Jehovah, and loving support from our spiritual family.....their dreams and aspirations can become a reality.

(Lisa, Dustin, Josiah, Steve, Justin)

I also had the joy of seeing friends that I have missed for many years. One was a sisters in my first pioneer school. She is now married to a Brother in Bethel, and still continues to pioneer. I am so proud of her!!!
Later, Grandma Linda treated the boys and me to a delicious dinner at a restaurant downtown Athens! {What a sweeeet grandma!!!} We were accompanied by a sister that once lived in our area. She knew Josiah when he was a wee babe! We had a lot of fun catching up with what was happening in each of our lives. Oddly enough, I also learned that there is an American Sign Language group in Athens. They are in the process of working to become a congregation.
Hmmmmm..... *raising eyebrow* I feel another trip coming on.


Anonymous said…
We actually have br. elumbaugh in our circuit right now. we all love him and his wife lisa dearly! and yes he is in oklahoma :)
Thanks for your reply, and what a treat! Maybe one day you will see us in Oklahoma. ;-)
Anonymous said…
I am truly glad in meeting a brother like him! He's one of the best CO's we've have in a long time. He's still in Oklahoma. This is our second visit from him. So great!!!
Anonymous said…
I was the first anonymous and hopefully we will. :)
Anonymous said…
Thank you sooo much Sis for sharing your experience. I have heard "Just Let It Go" and a few other talks by Bro. Elembaugh. Amazing speaker! He comes across as very genuine. You have to listen to a talk of his entitled, "Hear the Cry of the Lost". Wow! Anyway, hope he comes out to Circuit #28 in Southern California someday. I would like to thank him personally for all the encouragement and motivation I got from his beautiful talks!
Another talk by Bro. Elumbaugh ....way cool!!! Would you happen to have it? Thanks for telling me about it! :-)

((((((Sending hugs))))))
Anonymous said…
Yes, sister, I do have his talk, "Hear the Cry of the Lost". How would you like me to get it to you? - your bro in SoCal
Kevin Sutter said…
My name is Kevin Sutter(Duran), I used to live in Batesville Arkansas, at that time, about 1994 or 1995ish, he was not a circuit overseer, I have fought with myself for the past 5 or 6 years whether or not to return to the truth, but I hope to hear from him soon, I have started to return to meetings, although I still dont know who I am yet, the memories I have of him are happy. He always had a good heart, and he was always happy, I miss him, I wish I had stayed in the truth since I was a kid, hopefully i can hear from him again, I would love the opportunity to talk with him and I have a lot of questions to ask, maybe He could help me through this.
Hello my sweet bro in SoCal!

Thanks for telling me about the talk "Hear the Cry of the Lost". A dear friend in my local area found it for me, and I uploaded it to my favorite "Ellumbaugh talks" collection. *smile*

If you know of any more, do tell! He is one of my faves!

(((((Sending hugs your way!)))))

Dearest Kevin,

I really enjoyed reading your post, and I am so delighted that you are going back to the meetings. Please keep up the "excellent" work!! I am trying to contact Bro. Elumbaugh. Sent an email, but there is a possibility that I may have the wrong one. I'm going to try the telephone numbers that I have. Will not give up until I locate him. Would you send me your email address so that I can contact you when I do?

Have a beautiful day, and know that my heart, prayers, and thoughts of encouragement are with you.

JacquiG At Bellsouth Dot Net
albert cano said…
Hi Sister How can I hear Steve elumbaugh talk The cry of the lost. I went to multiply and click and nothing happen. I hear half of his talk and it lock in the middle. please let me know Brother Cano 28 years in the truth, 13 yrs as a regular pioneer at market congregation in san pablo ca.
Hello my brother Albert!

I'm not sure of what is happening. I went to my Multiply blog to check, and the entire talk played for me. Strange. *sighs* What I did, was went to a different site and uploaded again. Let's see how it will work out. Try this link: . When you get there, click on the big blue box that reads, "Click here to start download from sendspace". Tell me how that works for you.

(((((Much Love)))))
You sis, Jacqueline
Anonymous said…
Dear Brother and Sister,

I am from Australia and the talks from brother Elumbaugh have been circulating here for years. "Just Let it go" is an amazing and encouraging talk but I was also wondering if anyone had a copy of another talk I've heard- about running in the race for life?

Thanks you

Warm christian love

Anonymous said…
Dear Friends,

I too was from the circuit that Steve and Lisa were in before the circuit work in Arkansas. My husband and I were baptized in 1994 and we would anticipate the assemblies or him coming to our congregation for a public discourse. He is a unique speaker for sure. We currently live in Arizona and I can only hope that they will be assigned to our circuit one day! But i'm very thankful to find his talks on the internet. We truly have a wonderful brotherhood and I thank Jehovah every day to be a part of it!