"C" is for Charlotte......

This is an ATC that I created for a Doodle Swap at Artists of the Round Table. You would not BELIEVE what I went through in creating it. When I first started working, my world was fine. It was very relaxing to do, and eventually, I completed the drawing and added the shading. I remembered that we were having a color challenge on the group, and thought......why not paint the ATC in harmony with the challenge. That is when things went downhill. I was making a mess with the painting, and each time I tried to make things better, it got worse. I couldn't believe it! I had worked too hard on this!! Not having time to draw this again, and feeling determined not to be outdone.....I decided to tear the edges of the ATC and layer the background with gold and black. I added one more layer to the bottom that I created by means of collagraph printing. I am so thankful that this worked out, and I sincerely hope that the recipient -Charlotte- will love it. This was created with Charlotte in heart and mind, and inspired by a Sesame Street song sung by the Cookie Monster titled, "C" is for Cookie. My humorous version for Charlotte is:

"C" is for Charlotte, that's good enough for me.
"C" is for Charlotte, that's good enough for me.
"C" is for Charlotte, that's good enough for me.


Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte stars with "C"


Smullis said…
What a great recovery!! This card is beautiful and I would never have guessed the full story behind the creation had you not told it. Thanks for sharing.
Kimberly said…
I love this! Keep up the excellent work :)