Word Art

Doing a bit of Word Art as an assignment on my group, Artists of the Round Table. Here are a couple of links with information and examples:


This was very relaxing. The words written in the composition are lyrics to one of my favorite songs, Everybody's Got Their Something, by Nikka Costa.

This song is dedicated to you, so turn up the volume! You've got that special something!

(Click on photo to enlarge)


Smullis said…
Very nice! I love this! I might just have to try this. Thanks.
Thank you girlfriend! You are so sweet! :-)

You will enjoy doing word art! When you get into it, it is very relaxing. If you decide to give it a try, be sure to post it to your blog!! I would love to see it! *smile*

This piece is "sayin' something"..how very cool! I love the sway in her hips...she's movin' and groovin' - really fun. Thank you for sharing your art with the world... And, I'm so glad you've joined us at the Mandala Oasis Yahoo Group. I look forward to seeing you there...

Blissings... ~Cheryl
Janet said…
I love this. I remember seeing it the site, before I got involved with classes. I loved it then. And am thrilled to say, that I really love it now, 'cause I know that cute little face who created it.
Paths are so much fun.