Kreativ Blogger Award

Many thanks to Jane from Craft Therapy for kindly giving me this award! Jane is a very warm and encouraging spiritual sister and friend. She creates the most beautiful art and encourages others to use their creativity as a source of inner healing and positive thinking.

The terms of the Kreativ Blogger Award are to list six things that make me happy, and give this award to six other bloggers.

Six things that make me happy:

1. The fact that God created us, and gave His Son for us so that all may have the opportunity of everlasting life.

2. The love and support of my darling family *including my fur-babes* and friends.

3. The blessing of artistic ability.....whether it is painting, drawing, singing, or playing a beautiful melody on my piano.

4. Nature. I enjoy viewing the mountains, being in wooded areas among the various plants and trees, enjoying the beautiful ocean on the beach.

5. Delicious food that makes the heart rejoice!

I’m honored to give this award to: (in alphabetical order):

Andrea Joseph Sketch Blog

Belinda Del Pesco

Charlene's Galaxy

Dragon Dreams

Jewelry Elegance by Jill

Wanda Hentges


Thank you for this wonderful award!
Wanda H said…
Jacqui, I've been behind and just noticed this. Thank you so much!!!!
You are so welcome, Jill and Wanda!!!
You ladies are top stuff in my book! :-)

((((((Love and Hugs to the both of you))))))