ATC Swap: Family Love and Devotion

Image Hosting by know how I love making ATCs [Artist Trading Cards].  Here is a new one that I created for an ATC Swap.  I am truly thankful for the love and devotion of my family, and this card reflects that.  After making the card, I created a small envelope to compliment it, and for mailing to the recipient.


Wanda H said…
Jacqui, it's a fabulous atc!!! I like your style :-)) I too am very thankful for family!!
Thank you Wanda! are the sweetest!! :-)
Smullis said…
I love this ATC. How did you create the figure embellishment?
I stamped into Polymer Clay, then cut around the image. Baked it in a designated toaster oven that I use specifically for PC.....about 20-25 minutes at a temperature of 250. When it finished baking, I set it aside to cool. Once it finished cooling, I colored the heart on the image with a red gel pen. Once dry, I painted it with clear acrylic.