My Fur-Babe


Here is a photo of my furbabe, Ebony. She always does something to amaze us. One day, I was typing on the computer, and she nudged me for attention. At the time, I gave her a brief little rub on the head, because I was very busy and in the middle of finishing up my worksheets for a class that I was teaching. I guess the quick head rub was not
enough.....she kept insisting on getting attention, and I would not give it to her. The next thing I knew, she walked up to the television, which I had on for background noise, took her nose and pressed the button turning it off. The boys and I looked at each other, laughed, and yelled out, "No way!" We felt that it had to be a co-inky-dink. You know what.......the very next day, she did it AGAIN. Talk about working to get attention!!!

Here is a stunt she pulls that gets my mom every time. When mom sits down with a plate of food, Ebony lays her head on her lap with sad, wishful eyes. I can't believe that mom falls for it!!! Ebony does NOT try that with us, because she knows it will not work. What a brat! Uses that stuff on the grandparents.

Many thanks to our sweet groomer, Debbie for doing such a wonderful job and for taking these lovely photos!!! Ebony's dad will be in a show during the month of October. We look forward to seeing that!!! He won 1st place in a previous show!


Kimberly said…
You have a beautiful Mother. My dad is in need of a kidney transplant as well but the doctors feel that his heart is too weak. I gave a donation to your fundraiser:) It will show up under my husband's name (Daniel Burgess)

Kendra Joyner said…
Hi Jacqueline! Just thought I would pop in...I see you are an artist, as well...I love your art gallery! You do so many different things...I love it! OH yea... your fur baby is adorable, too!! :)