Artist Trading Card

Here is a new artist trading card that I made.  To create the background, I painted a paper towel with acrylics.  Generally, I trade ATCs....but this time, I think that I will use it as part of a cover image for a journal.  Will post an update when I have finished.

There are a few ATCs in my Picture Trail gallery.
See the title "Artist Trading Cards".


Wanda H said…
Jacqui, your atc is beautiful!!! It will look wonderful on a journal!!! It is so great to see you creating some art!!!
Awwwwww......thank you so much, Wanda!!! Girlfriend, I didn't even know you were here. It was sweet of you to drop by!!! I don't really advertise this blog much, and it is a bit of a quietville. I come here to upload and blog when I can for my own art therapy. *smile* I was thrilled to be able to get a bit of art into my schedule. It was sooooo relaxing. I created a couple more and will upload them when I get the time. I privately follow along with the ATC workshop at A.R.T. *smile* I will hop back in when things get better with mom. It would be too much on me to moderate now.

(((((((Love you, my dear friend))))))) and I think of you and your kindness and beautiful smile "all" of the time. Will give you a call when I get the chance. I appreciate how loving friends chipped in to donate to mom's Kidney Transplant Fund. You guys are the BESTEST!!!!!