Native American Plate

Artwork and directions by Jacqui Graham
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* Glass Plate (Size Optional)
* Native American Fabric
Polymer Clay, color - translucent
* Feathers
* Aleene's Tacky Glue
* Acrylic Paint: Deco Art Dazzling Metallics
* Patio Paint: Honest Copper

* Americana Dark Chocolate
* Anita's Durable Semi-Gloss Varnish
* Sea Sponge
* Krylon Pen Gold and Copper

Hearts In Touch™ - Native American Stamp


Depending upon the size of your plate, cut the needed amount of fabric for decoupaging. Apply a combination of Aleene's Tacky Glue and water to the back of your plate. Lay the fabric on the back of your plate face down so the printed side shows through the glass. Trim excess fabric and allow it to dry.

Meanwhile, prepare your polymer clay by conditioning it in the pasta machine or by kneading it with your hands until it is soft and pliable. When it is soft, roll it out approximately 1/8 inch thick and lay it flat on your work surface. Ink the Native American stamp and press it onto the clay. Cut around the stamped image and bake it in an oven at the factory recommended temperature shown on the clay's packaging for 30 minutes.

When the glue has dried on the plate, add your feathers. To give the back of your plate a nice finish, paint the back or apply felt. <You can glue the felt or purchase the type that has adhesive on the back.> To paint, used Deco Art Patio, and Honest Copper. When the paint is dry, take a sea sponge, and dab on Dazzling Metallic, Glorious Gold, then Deco Art Americana-Dark Chocolate. Paint on Anita's Durable Semi-Gloss Varnish. For the felt variation - Instead of painting the back of your plate, add glue to the back and lay a piece of felt onto it. Trim the felt to the size of the plate.

On the front of your plate, do a direct to "plate" technique with gold and copper Krylon using a sponge to apply it. First apply gold ink from the Krylon pen to the sponge, and decorate the front edge, then do the same with the copper ink.

After the clay image is cured and has cooled, paint the edge of it with a gold Krylon pen. Glue the image to the front of the plate. Give your plate a tailored look by outlining the side edge with a gold Krylon pen.


PeggyR said…
I still have this hanging on my wall!