Menu Cards For An Anniversary Dinner Party

A gathering was given for our dear friends Sonya and Jerel! They have been married for 12 years, and are now working where the need is great - the ASL ministry. The sweet sister giving it asked me to create menu cards for the event, and she also asked me if I would sing "I'm Every Woman", Whitney Houston rendition. That was the song that I sang for them at their wedding reception. [Photo #16]

The gathering turned out to be such a delight! We had so much fun together, singing karaoke, dancing, and watching the couple play an anniversary game to test their memory of things such as........when they first met, what they were wearing, the car they drove, the first meal prepared, and more!

Above is a sample of the menu cards that I created for the occasion. (Click on the thumbnail for a larger photo) Sonya and Jerel loved it, and kept it as a memory keepsake.

I am so happy for this couple and wish them beautiful years to come....straight into the new system! They are such an outgoing, down to earth couple and will keep you in stitches with their wonderful sense of humor.


Wanda H said…
Jacqui, the menu card is beautiful!!!! What a wonderful time!!
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment, Wanda! :-)

(((((Love ya!)))))