Josiah's Talk in ASL!

It warms my heart to see my darling sons grow spiritually. *deep sigh* My oldest son, Josiah, gave his first #4 talk in ASL! He has given a #4 previously in the English congregation we used to attend..... however, being a student still somewhat new to ASL, giving a #4 was wonderful progress. We have a lot to learn, and Jehovah is helping us every step of the way.

The name of his talk was titled, "How Does Humility Help Us To Accept Counsel". His assignment was from the Worship the True God book, chapter 15, paragraphs 10, 11.
We are so appreciative of all the loving brothers and sisters that came to encourage and support him. A sweet sister named Glenda recorded the talk for us. As soon as I get the DVD, I will do a private upload to YouTube for our dear brothers and sisters on my contact list.

Below is his talk. It is grammatically written in ASL. We had it typed and printed for family and friends that attended who were not familiar with ASL. In this way they would be able to follow along without confusion.

How Does Humility Help Us Accept Counsel?

Humility very important. Help us counsel accept, copy, change better.
Imagine.....Person he, call him Brother "A". Person, he --- Brother "B". Brother "B" maybe sin, maybe sin, mistake. Brother "A" try meet, converse, counsel, help.

[Brother B] *mime* - “You try counsel me?! I in truth 30 years! I knowledgeable. You worry your problems. I handle mine.” Brother “A” try help counsel. Brother “B” accepts, change, thank him? No. Pride. Big head. We connect Jehovah, connect brother sister, must humble. Now, question..... humble how? Jesus story Matthew 18:3, 4

Jesus story, change humble how? Act same, young child. Search more Peter story mesh. Jesus explain connect brother, sister.....humble. Important why? 1 Peter 5:5


Peter explain, him pride, above -- Jehovah against.....but they humble lowly, Jehovah connect, accept, cherish.


Suppose brother must counsel us? Wise, humble accept. Proverbs 12:15 [quote] "He foolish off-course, search himself, "fine.".....but, he counsel accept take in, wise.

If we humble lowly, good counsel push away....won't. Will accept, learn, copy, change. Progress better.