ASL Memorial and Invitations

What a special occasion! We had 38 in attendance for our memorial, 5 which were deaf. We are a new, and very small congregation, and I pray that we will continue to be able to find the deaf, and that our congregation will blossom like the rose.

I would like to share our invitation with you. In a world where the deaf community feel overlooked, unappreciated, and sometimes invisible, it warms my heart to witness how Jehovah manifests that no one is overlooked in his eyes. Look to the bottom left at the invitation. You will see the graphic of a public discourse being given in Sign Language, and a screen in the background, as commonly seen at SL Conventions and some SL congregations, of the speaker being projected large so that the audience will have a full view of the signs in addition to being able to view scriptures via the ASL Bible DVD. Directly above the public discourse graphic on the invitation, you also see a bold printed graphic of a brother signing the name "Jesus". Isn't that so wonderful!!! That was very touching to the deaf community.

On one of the calls that I went on with a dear pioneer sister, the house holder mention that he was so impressed to see JWs taking the time to learn American Sign Language to communicate with the deaf community.......that in the past, when they came to his door, notes were exchanged as the source of communication. He stated that recently, a JW came to his door and began signing. He was surprised......then further shocked to learn that there were others among us learning the language to communicate in the ministry. He saw it as a true demonstration of love, and accepted a Bible study.


DSpencer2u said…
This is so impressive Jacque. I know the ASL is growing by leaps and bounds, and I heard it maybe by a bigger percentage than the WW growth.
The experience you gave is wonderful