A Faith Strengthening Event!

(Photo: Sister Ellenbaugh, Dustin, Josiah, Brother Ellenbaugh, Justin)

There has been a talk circulating titled “Just Let it Go!”, given by a Circuit Overseer named Steve Elumbaugh. If you have not heard this talk, put it on your “to do” list! It will spread joy, laughter, and sunshine to your world. My sweet spiritual sister, Ann, mentioned to me in conversation, that Brother Elumbaugh would be serving their congregation in Eatonton. My mouth dropped from surprise, and I immediately assured her, “I’ll be there!”

The moment we stepped into the Kingdom Hall that Sunday, we were greeted with smiling faces. Everyone was so warm and friendly. Ann and her dear husband were setting things up for a deaf sister named Barbara. Ann was wearing a burgandy dress, her hair was full of beautiful curls, and her darling eyes and big smile beamed like the sun. We were all so happy to see her!!! I couldn't help but give her a big (((((hug.))))) One of the elders -I think his name was Jeff- was so hospitable, and immediately made us feel at home. He and a couple of nice brothers kindly arranged it where some of our family could get a couple of seats near Ann. The 2 brothers gave up their seats and found another. Talk about love! Jeff jokingly told me that the seats cost $149/each, and added that it beat the price of 2 Garth Brooke tickets. *laughing* The twins and I sat close by on the opposite side of the hall. From time to time, I would enjoy watching Ann and another nice sister interpreting for Barbara. They were awesome!!! Brave sisters, I might add. Being in the front of the hall, as they were, I think my fingers would have been shaking so much, Barbara would have thought I was sign stuttering. The poor sister would have eye fatigue by the time I was done.

Brother Elumbaugh first gave the talk “Is The Bible Authentic?” His second talk was “Jehovah Is Our Shephard”. You should have seen the faces of my children during his talk. They were mesmerized! At the end of the talk, Dustin leaned over and whispered to me, “Man!! He is GOOD!!! I really enjoyed this!”

When Brother Elumbaugh concluded the meeting with prayer, he stepped down from the stage and walked over to encourage us. He gave my sons a big hug and told them thank you for being so attentive during the talk. He stated that he noticed them! He also told them to keep us the good work, and joking around with them said, “Don’t make me have to come and spank any of ya’.” He was so loving and down to earth. His wife was exactly the same way, and as cute as a button! *smile*
Afterwards, Ann and her darling husband had a FEAST prepared at their lovely home for family and friends! ((((((Our sincere gratitude and thanks to the two of them!))))You wouldn’t believe all of the food!!! It was incredible!!!! We all enjoyed laughing and talking together. Boy….. were we spoiled that day! We were fed to the "full", both physically and spiritually.


Michelle K. said…
Hi Sis,

I'm your spiritual sister in California. I too have heard the brother's talk "Just Let It Go," and loved it. I've made copies for family and friends at the Hall, who've made copies too and gave them out to other friends.

It's such an upbuilding talk.

Michelle K.
Diana D said…
I am also a sister who lived in GA. I had the pleasure of hearing many of Bro. Ellenbaugh talks. I have recently moved to Utah and would love to have any of his talks to listen to. Please email any to me or the links to dianad@email.com. His talks are so upbuilding and I would greatly appreciate it.

Diana D.