Devious Little Soap Carver Strikes!

Ebony's attempted carving for The Rubber Stamper challenge

Look at that face! Such a sweet little angel. Think again!!! Princess Ebony gets into EVERYTHING! This particular morning, she decided to hop into the boys bathtub and carve their soap. The boys and I have been carving soft blocks this week for a carving challenge in The Rubber Stamper. I guess Ebony got a bit disturbed that we didn't give "her" a block to carve, and decided to improvise in making her own. While sleeping, I began to hear all of the commotion taking place at the other end of our home. When I ran in to see what was happening, there she was as proud as she could be, reveling in her pure masterpiece. The dog didn't even get sick!! I find her carving and angles quite intriguing. Think that I will use her design in MY carving. This would make a cool stamp!

Amazing how the devious work of a cute little fur brat can be an artistic inspiration. Uh.....but we are still hiding our soap.


gg said…
Too funny!!!!! What a trip!